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September 2013 News Letter

Models, Protect Yourself From Stalkers
Those Hot Facebook Photos Can Make You A Target

The majority of the models I work with aren't serious in the business.  They see modeling as a fun temporary hobby.  They want their friends to see all their fun images and all the nice comments and "LIKES" make them feel good about themselves.

Let's face it ladies, if you're serious, you pick only the best photographers and real pro models actually pay for top images for their portfolio.  True portfolio images aren't these glamour photos everyone around here is doing.  See the AMS modeling web site for examples.

So, how do you protect yourself.  First of all, create a separate page for your modeling.  Separate your modeling life from your real life.  Next, keep the personal information to a minimum.  Things like your home phone or address.  DO post your general location - i.e. city & state.  Don't post photos of your children or families on your modeling page.  You don't need to use a "stage name"  Unless you're a stripper.  Maybe use just your first name.

Reduce your spam by posting an email address using a graphic or all letters - i.e. myaddress[at]domain[dot]com.  If you don't have a website with your own domain, then use Gmail and create an alias outside of your normal personal email so the 2 never meet.

How To Get Yourself on Model Mayhem
From A Gatekeeper's Perspective

So, you've uploaded your images and created a profile but you're rejected and don't know why.  Here are a few tips to help you get yourself added to the most popular Web site for amateur modeling & photography talent.

First, look at your images.  Are there any selfies?  These are the camera phone photos you take of yourself trying to look sexy.  Some are in front of a mirror.  Others are taken with the camera phone at arms length.  The worst image you could post are what we call duck face.  That's where you purse your lips at the camera thinking it looks sexy.  It would if you were the AFLAC duck.  The best suggestion I have for selfies is not to use them.  Instead, have a friend take your photos.  Another negative is to not add any of the instagram filters.  IDK why people add the yellow filter - See Wikipedia for Jaundice.

Next, your profile.  Let me just say that if you think you're the master of the one liner, you're not.  You need to include relevant information about what you have done and what your goals are and what you can bring to the table.  Think of the profile as your resume.  Include hobbies that might be relevant to the type of modeling you do.  List any dance or drama experience.

So, how can you improve your chances for approval and also for landing good gigs with photos in your profile?  Well, first get more than 4 different images.  Wear multiple changes of clothes for the shoot.  Don't apply the cheesy color and tone filters.  Get good headshots made and make that your avatar.

Hey good luck and have FUN!

Are Tattoos Right For You
The Ink You Get Will Limit Yourself Tomorrow (Opinion)

Hey, this may just be my opinion, but the reality is very close to the truth.  If you load up on other people's artwork a SERIOUS (i.e. talented) photographer would be less likely to work with you unless the shoot calls for tattoos.  If you're serious about getting paid assignments, be very careful where you get your next tattoo.  If your tattoo is in the wrong place, it can be the kiss of death to anyone desiring a commercial photo shoot.

My honest feeling is, your artwork is not necessarily my artwork.  I specifically cast for minimal tattoos or tattoos that can be covered.  Maybe once a year, I specifically look for people with tattoos.

One thing to keep in mind however is that just because you have tattoos that I will reject you out of hand.  Always ask and if this isn't the right shoot for you then next time might be.

Why Would I Send Photos Of My Wardrobe
It's How I Make Sure We're On The Same Page

So, you've picked out the theme for your photo shoot and the photographer asks for photos of your wardrobe.  Creepy right?  Well not really.

I once asked a model to bring a long flowing dress.  She showed up with a sack of a dress that just can off the Wegmans produce truck.

Hey, we're not asking for photos of your thongs and bras.  Even on a lingerie shoot you can just put down bra.  And corset's are corsets.

But a lot of out photo shoots include dresses and gowns and we like to know what you're bringing.

Hey, here's a TIP:  Visit my Pinterest page for some great ideas on making your own dress or gown.  All you need is some fabric or thirts and you can make fun fashionable clothes.

September Casting Call
Golden Hour & Darkness Shoot

Late afternoon photos shoot opportunities available for Saturdays all this month.  We would shoot on location around 5 in the evening.  Locations available in Cortland county and Oakwood Cemetery.

Wardrobe is long flowing white dresses.

Some tattoos are ok as long as they can be covered

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